Remote Interrogations, Remote Renditions

Silent Warfare, Torture, Interrogation, Brainwashing, and Eugenics


* This list was created from the 4th Infantry Division torture manual provided by the ACLU, CIA interrogation and counter resistance manuals, FBI human behavior and stress induction documents, and hundreds of interviews from Americans put through various torture and brainwashing projects. Their average life expectancy is 12 years from the start of the torture and extermination programs according to this survey which tracked 650 Americans.

** Number in survey who had this category of torture done to them is based on a sample size of 250 people in the US/UK/Canada. Current estimates say there are 10,000 people worldwide being tortured by the US programs who have nothing to do with any war that they are aware of.


These programs are vast and range from the study of deception for inducing cognitive errors in all the senses while combining the weapons capability known to be operated by C3. It is beyond the scope of this section to show how these other capabilities are used in conjunction with the neurological and psychological techniques. But it should be mentioned that the system combines the ability to overpower radio, cellular, and television reception (communication warfare), disrupt car engines, airplane instrumentation, computers, and other electronics (electronic warfare), and alter human thinking (signal intelligence, directed energy neurological warfare) in addition to hacking computers.


These techniques and technologies combine for use in brainwashing, remote interrogations, secret remote renditions, mind control, silent warfare and eugenics programs. The group that composed this study were part of discriminant function analysis which gathered data on which techniques and factors worked best for the desired outcome. This is why every target received variations of the tortures and brainwashing methods.


Torture techniques listed for Abu Ghraib detainees and the secret prisons


The equivalent neurological, directed energy method (remote renditions) used on thousands of Americans

Number in sample 250

Torture Action



Equivalent Torture







Starvation / bad nutrition

Standard for all torture camps. Creates weakness and breaks down the will.


Starvation and bad nutrition is accomplished in many ways.  Appetite control is just another brain pathway that can be disrupted and while the target is painfully attacked and in flight and fight mode will forget to eat for days. Unlike physical detainees, bad nutrition can include overeating. Overeating while unhealthy is meant to lower energy and self esteem but far less effective than malnutrition methods.


Insulin shock

Commonly used in psychiatric experiment hospitals for various mental ‘illnesses’. Cameron used it in conjunction with LSD and electroshock for brainwashing.


There were only 7 insulin dependent diabetics in the sample group. So only those 7 could be tricked into inducing insulin shock therapy to themselves which used to be popular in the days of psychiatric hospitals to cause memory erasure, brain damage, and repatterning thought processes. John Nash (A Beautiful Mind), was put through insulin shock to cure his memories of working for the NSA for example.


Drug driving – sodium pentothal, lsd, pcp, bz, amphetamines , etc.

Depatterning, confusion, and discrediting. Opens the mind up to hypnosis and subliminal programming. Charlie Manson used LSD brainwashing to create his notorious cult. CIA has moved to much more sophisticated drug regimes.


When including alcohol, smoking addictions picked up while being tortured the number is much higher. In order to administer high doses of amphetamines the targets must be conditioned or driven by pain/pleasure. The psychological scripts are clever and complex but have a good success rate to induce the target to administer high doses of the desired drugs of choice to themselves over time.



Sleep deprivation

Break down will. Loss of memory of events. Physical and psychological pain increases.


Often called “artificial caffeine”. Not allowing the brain to reach REM brain rhythms and forcing it into constant Beta dominant rhythms creates this mental defect.


Too much sleep

Causes disablement and symptoms like chronic fatigue. Used for depatterning and brainwashing. Used for drug driving to compensate. Used for discrediting and loss of work ability.


LIDA machine was the first demonstration to the public. Sleep induction is part of Cameron’s torture and depatterning process.


Poke / burn / punch, sharp burning stings

Typical “work them over” tactics. Cigarette burns, punches to the stomach or face and even simple flicking in the back of head to keep them awake.


Like Chinese water torture, even a mild annoyance like being poked or stung over many repetitions becomes a huge torture in time. The program which conducts this part of the torture sequence is called “Voodoo doll”. This is because it causes the target brain to feel these random pricks, stings, punches, burns, etc. all wirelessly.


Choking / gagging – darth vader grip

Similar to water boarding this is considered a strong pressure point for torture.


This can be done in two ways. Every sensation can be recorded and replayed into a brain. But if a real “EEG cloner” is connected at the other side, they actually must choke themselves so that the sensation is cloned to the rendition target.


Muscle fatigue inducement

Listed as a torture method but it is not clear what psychological effect this is suppose to have.


Cramping. Weakness. Clever scripts are used to get the human rats to run around trying to find relief from the “invisible torture rays”. The trick is to make the target believe that the directed energy direction keeps changing and that they need to block it somehow by continuously moving.


Electric shocks

High voltage used across sensitive body parts.


Same sensation created by neurological jolts to the person. They will jerk violently. Additionally a sensation of “being microwaved’ or “electrocuted” has been described by almost every subject.


Isolation / Stimulus deprivation

Very important method. Humans need stimulus or interaction to maintain their sanity and reality. Many detainees will falsely confess just to have human interaction and be listened to. It also improves hypnosis and brainwashing effects.


In remote renditions, the subject must be tricked into isolating themselves. This is done through “irrational behavior in public” according to 1953 CIA documents. Add depression and negative personality cloned traits onto the target such as excessive paranoia and aggression, family, friends, and their social support network will dissolve. The internet and email has made this tactic more difficult. In addition, the target is either held captive in their home by a pain field that is induced if they leave a set GPS coordinate or the reverse where they will be placed into pain if they do not keep moving.


White noise exposure – both auditory, visual, and brain noise. Light and sound over-stimulation

Cameron also used loud noise as a torture method. Used by ATF in the WACO incident. It creates panic and confusion. In “clock work orange” like conditioning, neural linguistic programming techniques are used repetitively.



In remote renditions, visual images can be projected into the mind of the target. Targets often report lights appearing brighter than usual, visual white noise, auditory white noise, auditory tinnitus, melodic tinnitus, and “noise campaigns”. With remote neural renditions, additional capabilities are used that include “neural noise”, literally adding depatterning noise into the entire brain signaling structure over time.


Verbal abuse

Typical break down techniques. Includes scripts tailored to the individual’s values like desecration of their religious beliefs.


Neural audio cortex mapping, silent sound, and other techniques project language into the minds of the target. The negative audio scripts are often done by AI programs with a limited vocabulary but more capable of repetition. Some have reported that during the “rebuild” of the brainwashing process “positive” verbal reinforcement grammars are used.


Continuous Stress

Threats such as “we will kill your entire family” and “we are hurting your children” or “we are irradiating you to sterilization” are pretty common.


Continuous stress is documented as brainwashing techniques and to make targets make quick irrational decisions based on suggestion are used. Be it stalking to initiate the cycle of paranoia, to break-ins, and other petty crimes, stress is maintained.


Gun Shots / dogs

Gun shots often are supposed to graze the target but sometimes accidentally kill them. Dogs are more commonly used to bark and bite detainees.


Images of violence and demonic beasts and ghosts scare pretty well over dogs. Gun shots are simulated with a script called “sonic bullets”. The script works by focusing the target on creaking and tapping noises on their house while convincing them they are sonic bullets that have just missed. Then the cloner attacker taps themselves on the head or chest and those sensations are felt by the target. Once they believe they were hit by invisible sonic bullets, a pain and confusion sequence plays to resemble the pain one would expect from a gun shot to that part of the body.


Pressure point manipulation – head, heart, eyes, ear drums, groin, throat, feet, teeth

These are considered the best pain sensitive areas that the human fears to be injured.


Disabling migraines, heart palpitations and arrhythmias, “kick in the balls”, rape simulation, choking, eye pain, ear pain, vibration in the feet, teeth pain are all common practice. This list goes on for pages producing the same effects as physical injury torture.


Hot / cold conditions

Put detainee on wet cold floor or in a box in the sun called the “oven”.


Hot and cold flashes can be induced. During the early testing of the weapon, hypo/hyperthermia were induced. Some of the sensations are just cloned sensory signals but stimulation of vasoconstriction pathways are quite real causing a skin temperature drop.


Blows to the head – simulated with flashing stars, confusion. Severe headaches.

In the Army’s torture/interrogation manual it calls this “a thick book slap in the head” or a “closed fist hit”.


This is reproduced with neurological torture weapons by a combination of sensory signals. Teeth pain, head ache, subliminal suggestion that the target was just hit in the head, confusion, and topped off with “seeing stars” in their mind’s eye.


Closed fist blows /  jaw clacking shut / teeth hypersensitivity and pain

Pulling out fingernails and teeth were a popular torture method in medieval ages.



Targets of US torture often underestimate the power of psychological scripts. 59 cases were reported that this trickery was done to them in the study but only 2 actually fell for it. The cognitive decision model for self mutilation works this way. They are told or find this information on the internet that CIA tooth implants are in them. The torture will stop if they pull out all their teeth. Other mouth trauma is created by inducing a spastic jaw clacking that bites the tongue amongst other tortures.



water boarding

Drowning and burning to death are the worst nightmares of humans.


In this study of remote torture and renditions, the subjects were never “interrogated” with questions so it is difficult to understand why the equivalent methods were used on them except for practice. However in some torture manuals, they state that a spy will simply confess all they know even if they aren’t asked any questions to try to stop the torture. Perhaps that was the idea. The feeling of suffocation is achieved by several methods. The most reported method involves stopping the breathing pattern just as the brain is transitioning from alpha to delta dominant brain waves (while falling asleep). For weeks on end the target is ‘too afraid to fall asleep’ because they keep waking up gasping for breath. The other method is similar to the “Darth Vader choking grip”. The EEG cloner simply holds their breath and the target experiences the same suffocation even though their body is really getting enough oxygen.


Vertigo, nausea, induced illness

The CIA called these techniques, “Malingering ailments” in their torture documents. Drugs that induce vomiting or spinning around in a chair are physical methods. Disorients and breaks down the subject.


The CIA documents also say that it will help isolate the target by not giving them a means to earn a living through chronic fatigue, sense of sickness, and depression. All these are easily induced by brain entrainments into the target.


Constant surveillance. No privacy.

Break down.




Rape, nudity, humiliation tactics

Break down of identity and self esteem.


Rape is mimicked by arousal stimuli while talking to the subject. The CIA used to use ‘shock pants’ on female mind control slaves in the early days. Lots of variations on these techniques.


Hypnosis, suggestion, repetition, violent and disturbing imagery

Used for brainwashing programs. Disturbing imagery used for breakdown and to desensitize to violence for program assassins.



Hypnosis as a weapon, brain imprinting, psychic driving, neural linguistic programming, image association and conditioning techniques. Everything is done wirelessly now.


Behavioral conditioning – emotional associations to create trigger points, phobias, hypersensitivities, aggression, etc.

This is the most studied area of brainwashing in the military and CIA.



The human mind seeks correlations. This is how it understands the world. Creating false correlations conditions many emotional events. This is particularly interesting in creating mental illnesses but also trigger words or events for programmed assassins and the like. Programmed assassins are good for plausible denial in the media and allow another level of indirection for murders and assassinations to control political events. The subject “will be disposed of by local authorities” according to the CIA documents with no questions asked due to their mental health records.


Depatterning,  regression

Cameron’s technique of brainwashing. Massive drugs, torture, electroshock until the mind is erased. An adult can be erased back to the state of a child with no memory of their past life if they survive the process.


Not as effective as the physical equivalent since electroshock actually alters the brains wiring and chemistry suddenly. The wireless methods require longer duration and have a lower probability of success. Regression is useful in interrogations and cognitively modeling the individual. Cloned child like behaviors and vocal interactions help hypnotize the target back into their past. One of the interrogation practices is to walk the target back in time by tricking them into believing that they have been monitored all their life so that they keep divulging more information.


Erratic Time progression / confusion

Sleep deprivation, no sunlight, drugs, false newspaper dates, etc. create a skewed sense of time progression. Useful in tricking a guilty subject into confessing plots before they happen.


Zombification and hypnosis can cause the subject to lose large amounts of time. Over excitation will cause the subject to experience a lot in a short amount of time making it “feel” like a large amount of time has gone by. The biological clock and circadian rhythms can be manipulated.


Good captor / bad captor / Stockholm syndrome induction

Well understood psychological methods.



The trickery is done in the same way with remote renditions. The target while confused is allowed to overhear a fight between one or more of their psychic captures. This is used for trust issues. This is even more effective in directed energy neurological weaponry because the belief of the information can be monitored in real time using special brain signatures.  In addition, voice transformation from sampled voices work perfectly for throwing voices like a ventriloquist through walls and while people have their backs turned. Much more evaluation and manipulation of relationships can be achieved using this method. While this sounds like it wouldn’t work, the target is dazed and confused by this new experience and believes that these scripts couldn’t be this well planned and practiced by seeming idiots played by the interrogators. They are quite convincing to most subjects.


Alien presence / God presence

A few of the methods are funny or pleasurable but still disorienting. These can not easily be done with physical interrogation methods except with mescaline and LSD.


Feeling of space and time warping and/or God absorbing ones essence or talking to the subject can be induced into targets. It is such an artificial and unusual experience that there is no easy way to find common analogies to it. Stimulation of the “spiritual” circuitry of the brain using magnetic fields has simulated this in civilian labs. False identification and over-amplification of importance of coincidences tricks the target that “miracles” are being performed.



Other kinds of psychological deception:

Make the target feel special like they are “The One”, have special psychic powers, or a superhero, etc. This makes the person let down their guard while they are tortured, experimented on, then killed. It is like the movie “I come in peace” where the alien says that line before killing everyone he meets. Or the x-files episode where the giant mushrooms, as they are dissolving Mulder and Scully, make them believe they are living happy lives somewhere in delusion land. Every deceptive cognitive and psychological warfare technique is used for advantage.

In physical interrogations or brainwashing this serves the purpose of another form of ‘currency’ and trust. If the interrogators make a deal because the victim is ‘so valuable’, they should take it. In reality, they are lobotomized and/or killed afterward if they take it or falsely confess to something.

“Religion is the opium of the masses” – Karl Marx. Placebo belief systems can also be used instead of morphine to numb the masses or person to logical thinking. It pacifies the enemy’s mind and lets them become more easily defeated as they give up their will to fight, in false hope that a divine power will rectify it all someday.


Extra torture methods for physical renditions

-        Visible blood from injuries can induce more fear.

-        Shackling and confinement easier

-        Visual cues of both the detainee and torturer useful

-        Physical information cue misdirections more convincing like a newspaper predated for example.


Extra torture and interrogation methods for neurological remote renditions

-        Interrogations have many more methods using neurological renditions. The target is forced to fill in the blank sentence completion. If  that doesn’t work, they use an exhausted probabilistic sentence completion while evaluating stress/truth feedback signals. They use bazaar rhyming games to see what is on the mind, and ambiguous blots and sounds in both an auditory like sense, visual, and even text formats. But the difference is that the images and sounds are changing slightly until the mind locks on and drives the perception to a recognition event much like how safe crackers work.

-        Dream probing and sleep interrogation is effective because the target mind lets down their guard. Useful in both brainwashing and interrogation, inducing various dream sequences allows the “recognition circuitry” to see if any of the events look familiar and how much stress the images and mental movies create.

-        cognitive containment. Obsessive compulsion. Every mental illness can be temporarily simulated, or permanently induced.

-        Many sensory pains that have no equivalent in physical torture can be induced.

-        Often called remote schizophrenia and remote lobotomies. To cover up the rendition, the target can be permanently lobotomized without physical evidence.

-        Since the body can be kept alive longer while inducing maximal pain and suffering, it can be more effective over time for brainwashing and creating programmed assassins, terrorists, and spree killers.

-        Thousands of tortures stored in a database can be replayed over and over again.

-        Vasoconstriction, ‘dopamine dumps’, adrenal runaway stress tactics are more easily achieved.

-        Heart attack scenarios can be induced without too much risk from electroshock.

-        Truth detection better. Built in polygraph and brain printing of sorts.

-        Secret renditions easier. Can be done anywhere on earth in plain view of public.

-        Every electrical function in the body can be tampered with including autonomic and sympathetic nervous system functions

-        Easier to use the interrogation method of walking back in time to their past by memory recall, association, then erasing memory of recall and pretending that they knew those facts all along.

-        More effective at memory tampering.

-        Plausible denial that torture/brainwashing/and murder was ever performed is the #1 benefit of this method



Cover-up methods

-        Duration of torture

-        % falsely imprisoned or committed = 30%

-        % killed in first year of torture by suicides, heart attacks, strokes, complications, car accidents, violent act, etc. = 5%

-        Death to look like from natural causes. Accelerated aging risk factors.

-        Drive crazy. Induce mental diseases from stress.

-        Falsify reports / lie to public / create mythologies and mental illnesses / standard discrediting tactics of lowering authority and believability levels of individuals over time

-        Chronic fatigue / depression / suicide / PTSD

-        False confessions – brain washing, forced speech, reprogramming memory

-        Permanent disablement – organ damage, psychological damage, or continuous information damage to the mind (constant scrambling / mind viruses)

-        Pre-torture setup –  (setting the stage) - silent mode prior to wireless rendition. Taken from CIA documents – make act irrationally in public, induce paranoia. Influence sleep patterns and start destructive behavior conditioning before overt torture.

-        Permanent hypnotized state, conditioned depression - zombie program. Apathy, submission.


Another torture chart from a separate group on the internet…….



Military captives who were consistently denied their physical senses for weekly and monthly periods were prone to extreme fear, disorientation, dizziness, nausea, trauma and suicidal thoughts. Captives also lost track of time and were unaware whether it was night or day.

Brainwashing and Behaviour Modification

The capability to surreptitiously alter an individual’s point of view and direct him towards another way of thinking attracted radical attention from MI6. They believed human beings could be influenced during interrogation and incarceration periods with greater efficiency, manipulating individual viewpoint and attacking personality trait. This strategy was achieved in the following three ways.

  1. Attacking the identity of the person. Subjects are racially abused; prominent physical features, like a large or small nose, are ridiculed; religious and occupational beliefs are questioned. This depletes the subject’s confidence in himself and, in an ideal scenario, the subject takes on the manipulator’s viewpoint and wallows in self-hatred and pity whilst striving for new perfection.
  2. Stripping the person of all decency. The subject is denied clothes and forced to face the humiliation of being in the nude whilst perpetrators persecute him. He is made to beg for food and water, and asked to complete outlandish tasks, such as standing on one leg and hopping up and down for an hour. This technique reinforces the idea (in the subject’s mind) that he is owned property (a slave) and that to cough, laugh or urinate without being granted permission to do so is a sin and a direct act of defiance, punishable through death.
  3. Enforcing morality and conformity. Using a mixture of positive and negative reinforcement, the subject is rewarded minor praise and gifts for his efforts when his behaviour is deemed acceptable. This means extra recreation time, larger food rations, a clean shower and the acquirement of items like books, pens and paper. In the case of negative reinforcement, the subject is beaten, verbally abused, sexually harassed and tortured using a wide range of arcane instruments. The subject lives by the perpetrator’s rules without questioning them and does what he is told. Out of genuine necessity the subject sees conformity as a means to survival.

Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation arises when captives are denied sleep for two days or more, thereby stifling the nervous system’s ability to function to optimal performance. The manifestations of prolonged sleep deprivation produce, in human subjects, loss of balance, hallucinations, slurred speech, heightened confusion, exhaustion, disorientation, constant irritability and forgetfulness. British agents involved in the interrogation of suspects rely heavily on this method as it makes the extraction of information from prisoners easier.

Torture Techniques

Torture basically incorporates any act used to cause pain and suffering of a captive with the intent of orchestrating severe punishment, obtaining a confession, coercing individuals to take on a given viewpoint or enforcing behaviour modification. Torture is an ancient technique often favoured for its aid in interrogations. Usually the inflictions made on an individual result in bruises, weeping wounds or breakages to the skeleton. MCs, for obvious reasons, felt that prisoners of war could effectively be coerced into disclosing intelligence information through fear for their lives. The torture of enemy troops has always been deemed beneficial because even the smallest details of information can turn a war around and gain the captor a substantial advantage. Strategies utilised included the following.

  1. Stretching. Parts of the body are pulled and strained beyond their full range of motion, causing uncontrollable spasms of pain within the joints and muscles. This can be achieved using the old-fashioned rack, placing ropes on the wrists and ankles so the body is fully suspended and taut.
  2. Cutting, piercing, burning and scolding. This is a slow form of torture where the pressure of discomfort is gradually applied under verbal interrogation. Naked flame, hot coals, heated iron rods and a range of instrumental knives and pins are applied to sensitive parts of the body. Skin gradually sizzles and cuts fester, leaving flesh raw and splotched. Cutting and burning are century-old techniques, valued because the instruments used are cheap and easy to come by, and most British soldiers carry matches and knives as a basic utility. MI6 don’t value this highly as a preferred technique because permanent marks of disfigurement are clearly noticeable and wounds caused by cutting and burning, if left uncleansed, turn sceptic.
  3. Starvation. The captive is denied food and water. The body left without basic sustenance begins to deteriorate. Within one to two weeks the captive is desperate to divulge information that the captors have requested; anything to relieve the demoralising, painful and desperate suffering of dehydration and malnutrition.
  4. Electrocution. Electrocution is utilised because it doesn’t leave cuts or abrasions to the body, and the intensity can be amplified and decreased using a remote control. The use of electrocution as a torture technique is illegal in most nations but is utilised on civilians in the form of an electroshock stun gun or taser gun by American and UK police forces.


Hypnosis is a state of mind which is induced using concentrated focus and thought aided by the guidance of an interrogator’s reassuring and convincing voice. Visual stimulation, physical movement, external noise and environmental influence are restricted so that verbal suggestions are easily assimilated into the target’s subconscious mind. It is hoped that, once the target leaves the hypnotist’s presence, the information assimilated into the subconscious mind will be recalled by the brain at relevant intervals. The target then believes the knowledge/information which pops up from his subconscious is the ultimate truth and follows this truth as a gut reaction without questioning its logicality. MCs often administer drugs to help induce heightened hypnotic states.

As with all mind control techniques, it is the careful mixing of various applications, i.e. LSD, hypnosis and torture or sleep deprivation, brainwashing and concentrated interrogation which makes mind control a worthy adventure.

Symptoms of Electromagnetic Torture:

Severe pins and needles

Prickly burning sensations

Heightened body temperature

Increased heart rate

Back strain

Chronic headaches

Involuntary hand, finger and toe movements

Stomach cramps

Spot blanking of memory

Harassment of the auditory hearing with ringing, clicking and buzzing

Repeated spasms and contracting of muscles and tendons within the body

Bleeding and discharge from the nasal cavity


          Electromagnetic torture is unique as it is performed without the necessity of incarceration, so MCs needn’t be in close proximity. The victim may, in fact, be over 5,000 miles away on a distant continent. The greater advantage is that the victim can’t escape his tormentor.